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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 30, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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kenneth, we're out of time. thank you for a wonderful discussion tonight. we'll see you online. everyone, welcome to al jazeera america. against their will, humans bout and sold at tonight, a closer look at the hidden crime of sex trafficking. a update on a syrian baby girl pulled from the rebel of war. fire tragedy, nine members oif kentucky family killed in a house fire, why it could have been prevented. and point of youth, doctors discover a protein that could make the old seem young again.
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we begin with with the dark side of this nation's most celebrated sporting event, the super bowl. the game always attracts crowds but will come against their will at sex workers. authorities in new york and new jersey, have been devoting ex-from resources to track down on sex trafficking. they put up billboards in places like time square. and airport workers have been trained to be on the look out. here in the united states, human trafficking and specifically sex trafficking effects both men and women adults and children. one group says about 100,000 children are involved in sex trafficking in the u.s. each year. over all, the reports of trafficking increased more than 250% between 27, and 2012. most of these cases about
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64% involve sex crimes. the numbers tell only part of the story. the stories from survivors tell much more. reports from california on the mexico boarder. >> each morning 19-year-old karen looks in the mirror next to her bed. >> i say to myself i am strong, and i won't allow somebody to put me down. >> finding the courage to face herself each day hasn't been easy, karen who asks that we not her last flame is a survivor of sex trafficking. karen was raped as many as 25 time as day, sold into prostitution by her boyfriend. >> he took me to mexico city where there are girls standing on the sidewalks, and then i had to start prostituting myself. >> after six months of being raped and beaten karen escaped. today she lives in this safe house, in tiajuana, mexico. >> little by little i am trying to forget the
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nightmares and everything that i went through. i am trying to forget. >> so are the seven other girl whose also live here, all under age, some abused since the age of 2. after they have been rescued by mexican or even u.s. authorities, the girls are placed in the care of am ma tucker, a san diego resident who crosses the border every day, to run the safe house, with other volunteers. we have school right leer in the facility, but also some of the volunteers get in like zumba classes. sex trafficking is a crime that is underreported and often times happens out in the open, here in tiajuana's red light, this is where supply meets demand. here on the streets women and girls are bout and sold in the prostitution,
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every day. >> exact numbers are hard to come by, but it is estimated there are tens of thousands of trafficking victims in the country. yet, alma tucker safe house is one of only two such places in all of mexico. >> a lot of people see what we do, and they don't want to hear about it, or they don't want to -- because it is hard to hear that one girl, is sexual abused 25 time as day, and everything has been taken away from them. their childhood, they peace, they dreams. then when they are here, we focus on the person, and see how we can bring up those dreams again. >> since being rescued, 19-year-old karen is remembering her dreams, and what it feels like to laugh, and to believe in something again. her future. jennifer london, al jazeera, tiajuana mexico. >> and back here with me tonight is sidney mccain, the senators wife is lead rag nationwide campaign against human trafficking
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and we are glad to see you back here again. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> i wanted to talk more about events like the super bowl, how does this come about, how does it happen? >> you are talking about sex trafficking brings in lots of women, to this area. >> it's women, little boys, little girls, thes the whole gamut. it is about labor, traffic laborers as well. it happens all sorts of way. they come in by airplane, they drive across, they commute by bus, they take the subway. >> they hear there is a big event in new york. >> yes. >> crime pickings for them. >> and pitches bring in these people. >> they bring them in, and bring a lot of them in too, and so really what we are doing, and what we want to do it isn't -- the super bowl is not the cause of this. >> i understand. >> it's one way to get the message out. that's big events every day, but part of what we are trying to do
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wayeveryone else here is to educate people you have asked people to be on the look out. >> trust your gut. anything that looks weird, a guy in an airport with four little girls. there's a woman in a car, or walking along the street and she has four or five teenager girls with her. things that just don't sit right. >> how do you think law enforcement can be more sensitive to this as well? >> well, it comes down to training and to education. like anything that we are starting new, and this is ant new thing, but it is new to the entire country. training is really important. making them aware of it. >> mrs. a difficult thing to talk about, it isn't a subject that is -- that
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is always welcomed. >> no, a lot of people don't believe it is even existed. it happens but that's -- those girls want to do that. it is not the case. and so it is a matter of those who are -- making people understand, helping them to understand, and training across the country, it is a huge undertaking. >> when you see those pictures from mexico, it drives the point home, that some of these young women, girls are being bought and sold on the street. >> right on the street, right. >> it is easier to sell a human being than it is to sell drawings. >> how are you frying to help people help themselves. >> in arizona we are in the legislative process of promoting. we are offering the opportunity for them to be saved if that's the right word. to be housed. to be in a safe environment, so they can relearn what life is all
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about. education, healthcare. dignity, the understanding that they are a quality human being. and it has to be paid for, so we are looking for creative ways to pay for it. such an important issue, and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention. >> thank you for talking about it. >> an italian appeals court reinstated a guilty verdict today against seattle resident. her former boyfriend's guilty verdict was also reinstated. both have been convicted in 2009 of killing knox's former roommate. meredith kosher. but those verdicts were overturned in 2011, the supreme court then order add third trial, and attorneys for knox say they will appeal this ruling again. john is here with more on that decision. john, let's start with the charges in this case.
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>> then 19, now 20, is charged with building and planting two pressure cooker bombs. of the 30 federal charges against him, 17 of them call for the death penalty, should he be found guilty, including using a weapon of mass destruction two attorney general errick holder issued a long awaited statement on this case food. the statement says after consideration of the relevant facts the applicable regulations and the submissions made by the defendant's council, i have determined that the united states will seek the death penalty in this matter. three days later, on april the 18th. john. >> plenty of interest in this case, so what will prosecutors need to prove to push for the death penalty. >> like any fist degree murder case, they have to prove that he intentionally killed
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three people at the boston marathon on april the 15th. also, that he acted in a heinous cruel and depraved manner. and that there was substantial planning and premedication that went into this case. they are also going to push the fact that think he demonstrate add lack of remorse. >> so it's simple to know, do any sense of how likely it is whether or not he will be found account and executed? >> we don't know. this is just really the statement from the attorney general we have been waiting for, but we do know that massachusets hasn't had the death penalty since the late 1940's. 70 people of people nationwide, think he should face the death penalty if he was found guilty. that drops dramatically to 33%. it may be difficult to find a jury willing to --
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>> john, thank you very much. we turn toen a unusual development in the ukraine, where protestors are demanding the president step down. he announced he is taking sick leave. that would ease protest restrictions but then he defended his handling of the crisis. jennifer glass has been following this story, she joins us now with more, what is the reaction there? >> john, it took everyone by surprise. the press office that the president would be taking sick leave, the opposition has said it doesn't absolve him of anything, that it doesn't matter whether he is in his sick bed, he is responsible for what happens here, but it certainly has made people worry about what happens next. is he trying to get
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himself out of the firing lines so that maybe some of the people who work under him can make some unpopular decisions that's what the soviet leaders used to do, and there's concern of what may happen next. >> so it seems that ukraine finds itself uh no. under pressure, which has suspended its aid deal, and from europe as well, what is the reaction to that? >> well, the russian deal is a big blow for the economy, they are expecting $2 billion of that aid money to be disbursed this week. president vladimir putin says he is putting that on hold, because he made that deal with a previous government, he is going to wait and see what happens, in the ukraine, before he disburses that money, and from europe, the ukrainian government is getting pressure to adhere to the demands of the opposition to listen to the opposition, and make sure that whatever happens next there's no more violence and the opposition is listened to
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and in people of ukraine get the kind of future they want. >> the u.s. is accusing syria of stalling the hand over of its chemical weapons, this after reports show less than 5% of syria stock pile has been removed and they missed key deadlines. the u.s. said military forces still an option, but urged diplomacy. chuck hagel called on russia to push syria to comply. new stories of horror are coming tout of syria now. all part of a new report from the group human rights watch. it says the syrian government has been bulldozing civilian neighborhoods suspected of supporting the rebels. they are also stories of hope, and reshell kerry juneing us now with a update on a very very special story. this is one that tugs at your heart. >> it is so moving. so if you have seen some
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of this it is the kind of you want to see again. john, last week we brought you the amazing rescue of the a syrian girl, buried in rubble after an air strike hit her home. so activists were able to catch this video that you are seeing here, what you are seeing are neighbors and relatives scrambling to dig, this 14-month-old child her name is gina, have all this rock, and concrete. this is a child. let's just watch and listen as this rescue takes place.
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[cheering and yelling] .
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>> precious baby, yeah, the emotion is coming through the screen. three minutes she was trapped below all that concrete. she emerge add little dusty and a little dazed but alive. and there she is. barely a scratch on that face. she is on aleppo street, in an interview with the telegraph, her father says of this rescue, they heard a voice, so they kept digging until they uncovered that precious baby. and thank goodness, they did. so according to those who shot the video, her lawyer was killed in that attack. one of her sisters is missing. the other five survived but two of them were injured. this same attack is believed to have killed ten people, and wounded at least 20 others. just to let you know, what this child emerged to. she emerged to all the horror that is happening
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in syria. >> wonderful as it is that she survived she has this really tough life. and she is beautiful. >> yeah. >> i had not seen all that picture, i just saw a small clip. >> three minutes she was underneath all of that rubble. >> all right, thank you very much. >> now to atlanta, and to georgia governor. >> thousands of people were with stranding on icy roads. and surprising comments from the governor today. right? >> indeed, john. with his apologies and the roads major roads in the atlanta area, are pretty much clear, as people spent most of the day trying to retrieve their abandoned cars after the grid lock 48 hours ago.
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some suburbs still in ice risk, but mostly the threat is over, and people are looking forward to life getting back to normal, as believe it or not this weekend, temperatures will be in the 60's. >> it's been two days since atlanta was hit by a winter storm, that paralyzed the region. >> so i mean, so many cars just bomb rush the highway. >> stranding thousands of commuters on roadsides. >> i spent nine hours on the road, and at 10:00 o'clock, i abandoned my car. >> schools were not closed and buss were left stranded on icy hills. thousands of kids slept in gymnasiums some spent the night on buss. others sought shelter in store aisles. >> frustrated and
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defiant, in interviews atlanta's mayor, continues to be on the hot seat for the city's response. mostly to explain why schools are not closed and why salt spreaders didn't pretreat roads before the system moved in. >> the information is on the state. it's been really rough.
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>> nearly 2,000 are still sitting on atlanta roadways. the national guard and police are helping push cars gas them up and drive citizens to where they need to go. and their response or lack thereof. >> the error for one family, the traffic nightmare has a great ending. a bay bay girl, born on the side of the highway, after their car got caught in the congestion. with with the recovery still underway, there's alulaing question on minds of many. what if a real disaster was to happen in atlanta, with the city be
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prepared? >> john, a little irony here in the situation. we noticed that reed who is the mayor of atlanta, his twitter feed just an hour before the snow started on tuesday, read "we are ready for the snow, check out our press release." john. >> all right, robert ray in atlanta, thank you. and now to kentucky. that killed nine members of one family. only the father and his 11-year-old daughter survived. jonathan martin was in kentucky, and what are we hearing from authorities there, jonathan? >> good evening, john. investigators now tell us they believe the fire was accidental, they believe it started in a front bedroom here, and was caused likely been an electrical heater. this fire broke out at 2:00 this morning it was intense, and as you mentioned 11 people were inside the home. a mom, dad, and their nine children, the only people who were able to make it out alive.
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we talked to first responder whose got here quickly, we also heard from a lot of witnesses people who saw the smoke and saw the flames but by the time they got here, it was just too late, the flames were too intense, and many told us they just felt hopeless. >> every dime you go by they are playing in the yard. >> yeah, just such a sad story, and in fact the children range in age from four to 15. we are also told that among them a set of four-year-old twins. so such a heartbreaking story, we also learned that the father and the daughter that i mentioned there, the father right now in critical condition, the daughter
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in stable condition. but still so stuff for the community here a lot of people are learning more as this story unfolds. john. >> jonathan martin in kentucky, thank you. up next, appeal dropped new york city reach as deal over it's stop and frisk policy, but another city tries the tactic to fight immigration. and putting on the brakes why toyota is pulling some of the top selling cars off the lots.
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the second biggest email providener the world has been hacked. yahoo says user flames and passwords were stolen but the company is not saying when or how many were compromised. yahoo is resetting pass words on the accounts that were effected.
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stocks bouncing back today. the dow soaring nearly 110-points. driving gains, positive news, about the strength of the economy, the last six months of 2013, saw the strongest gdp growth in a decade. real money has more. >> you need to look at it up close, consumers account for two-thirds oif u.s. economy. consumer spending rose 3.3%, and that was the fastest pace in three years. so the slow but steady improvement that we saw through the back end of 2013, is helping consumer confidence. the other number, john that we paid close attention to is how much exports grew. 11.4%, exports are the net difference between what we send out and what we bring in. because of the booming energy sector, we aren't importing energy and as a result, we are becoming much more of an exporting country. >> yes, the export number sounds good, the fourth quarter sounds good as
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well, so are we going to see stronger growth going forward? rah lot of people predict less than that. >> it is so interesting that even with this strong growth, we are not prepared to say that we are off to the races. it does depend on strong job growth. is now we have this problem with overseas markets. the stock market is down, more than 3 and a half in january, so there's a lot going on right now, and nobody is really prepared to judge. >> so the present focus on the middle class in part during the state of the union, we talked about it that night, you are going to focus on the middle class on monday as well? >> yeah, we are going to focus on the middle class all year. because of the election, so starting monday we will have indepth look -- the challenges and the real world solutions to problems like student
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debt, job security, and saving up for refirement, these are huge issues. it is families like a pino whose speak for millions, who are wondering what happened to this american dream. listen. >> i would lake to just one day breathe a little easy. >> with aren't frivolous people. we don't have credit cards, we don't have car loans, it's not like we are just spending this money and not paying attention. we are just working, doing what we have to do, and we just can't get ahead. that's my -- that's our live. >> so this is called america's middle class, monday at seven and 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> we will be watching. real money, alley, thank you very much. >> up next, a path to legal status, house republicans unveiled their plan for immigration reform.
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plus, stem cell science, a major discovery, using acid.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. in new york, we have a busy tonight, a lot to cover in this laugh hour, coming up, house republicans unveil new ideas for immigration reform, and they include a legal way for undocumented workers to stay in the u.s. plus, a possible new way to make stem cells using acid. but fist, rachelle kerry is back with top stories. >> this is a really unusual development in the midst of all the protests. so listen to this, in the middle of all the protests in the ukraine, the embattled president there is taking six leave. the presidential website says he has an acute respiratory illedness high fever. the opposition is demanding his resignation under suppression of protests that started
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when he got back from the european union in favor with closer ties from russia. but he defends his handling of the political crisis. federal prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against the accused boston marathon bomber. 20-year-old juror 1/2 say never 17 of which carries the death penalty. his older brother was with killed in a shoot out with police. amanda knox has been found guilty of murder again, an italian court sentenced her to 28.5 years in prison, her boyfriend was also found guilty in knox's former roommate. knox was first convicted in 2009, but two years later the verdicts were overturned and another trial was ordered. attorneys for knox say they will appeal the ruling. knox now living in seattle did not attend the trial. new york city's court battle over whether the controversy practice of stop and frisk is unconstitutional has been settled.
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the mayor announced today that a deal has been struck to end the city's appeal. >> this represents an extraordinary step forward. and i think there's a lot of unity here, about the fact this really puts us on a pathed way to reform. >> in new york, the policy has already been on the decline, reported using stop and frisk 200,000 times in 2013. compare that with 700,000 in 2011. new york's mayor had made the promise to end stop and frisk. that was a big part of his campaign. so this is i guess one thing, he can check off his list. >> and stop and frisk is making news in another part of the country as well, the issue is also being debated in new orleans. immigration agents have begun raiding public places trying to find undocumented workers.
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including their front yards, at the grocery store, even at bible study classes. now, this is a new effort by immigration and customs enforcement called "the criminal alien initiative." is aimed at apprehending violent criminals. but some compare it to the stop and frisk. they claim some have been stopped and detains for months for simple glitches on their record, like paperwork problems and are far from violent. >> we have heard stories of u.s. cyst whose just because they look latino are stopped, handcuffed and later released because they realize that they are u.s. citizens, so this type of racial profiling is new the stop and frisk for the immigration agents.
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>> now, officials told al jazeera that this program focused on the limited enforcement resources identifying arresting and removing at large criminal aliens who pose a risk to community safety. john. >> ben, thank you. america tonight will have much more on this stop and frisk immigration policy tonight. nine eastern, six pacific, right after this program. they are calling for a path to legal status, but not citizen ship to many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants. it also include pros pose sals onboarder security. employment verification, and a plan for so called dreamers or young immigrants to earn citizen ship, but is the republican party ready to take on immigration reform now?
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it's been turned into a political football, i think it is unfair. but how we deal with it is going to be critically important. but there's doubt in the republican ranks that now is the time to tackle a devicive issue when they could instead focus on the health care law, or the economy. the editor of the weekly standard says speaker baner should concede on this one, and announce that he won't move forward on immigration reform this year. he writes if there's one thing that can blow up g.o.p. chances for a good 2014, it would be an explosive debate over immigration in the house. if they support immigration reform, but north carolina representative howard says he is tired of the perception, that the gop
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isn't fredly to hispanics. >> immigration is pretty well been ignored for the past two with 1/2 decades. and i would like to see something done to at least sway of the uneaseness that surrounding the issue. >> and republicans are concerned about the future. the hispanic population is a growing demographic with increasing voting power. >> mark hugo lopez directs hispanic research. >> it has not only been growing but dispersing across the country, so it is stakes like north carolina, and georgia, and south carolina, they have had the fastest polllation growth, driven by his tannic population growth. >> he said latinos made up 10 of the vote, and that's with less than half turning out to vote, but some republicans think they can buy time, and push off the issue until the 2016 race. >> for hispanics we do see a drop off in participation, on the
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order of anywhere from 15 to 20% points. >> as the house represent leaders unveil the standards is question is how they are willing to go, and how many members of their parly get onboard. >> president obama back at the white house tonight after two day trips promoting the proposals in his state of the union address. you can get a really good career, as long as you get the skills and training you need. >> the president also order add review which says should lead to reforms to give workers the skills to succeed. it is being call add major break through, researchers say it has the potential to start a
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new age of personalized medicine. scientists using blood cells from mice, found that stem cells can be made quickly, just by dropping the blood into acid. is where already being used in trials to heal the eye, the heart, and the brain. joining us now from los angeles he is a clinical professor who specializes in stem cell therapy, so, doctor, welcome, and what's the significance of this well, the significance that we saw all over the internet, if you just search for stem cells is the study is done by obakada in japan, and what we are seeing is they took blood from one-week-old mouse, and were able to in a sense shock the blood cell to
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dedifferentiate into a potent stem cell. and this is a cell that can be programmed to form any of the tissues of the body, the organ systems the brain the nerves. so we can get it of arthritis, rips in the rotator cuff, things of that nature. now the things that are done in the study to date, are so significant because it cuts down the'm, the energy, and the cost from how we have been producing in a sense stem cell cans in the past, which is very complex. where this we will go, we are not sure. >> if it goes in the direction of creating a new cell organs, all those sorts of things it could change medicine forever, but we know that
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these sort of announcements take a lot of time to try to figure out, and of course, it has to work in humans. so any work been done with the blood of humans in stem cells or not? >> there's been many studies that have been done taking nuclear matter from a cell, and injecting it into embryos. so way have -- forgetting about humans we don't know what is been going on around the world. but we have seen many animals, dolly the sheep is famous. there have been animals that have been cloned in this matter. there's no reason to think it couldn't be. and we doe know there are studies that have been done.
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so this can be done, there's no question what can be done in animals generally can be done in humans. it is just a question of how do we get the consent to proceed with these studies. it is a little more complex than with animal whose don't really complain about signing the consent form. >> yeah, but it is an exciting new discovery, and obviously we will be watching it as this goes along. it is a wonderful, yeah, thank you so much. >> in just a few minutes we will talk about how mice could help leadtous the point of youth. well, toyota's sick best selling cars are not at sale right now. the fabric on the heated seats could catch fire. that means the company is legally barred from selling them. so far there have been no reports of any fires. the safety administration is looking into whether models already sold should be recalled. now, the order effects
8:42 pm
some 36,000 vehicles including certain models of the avelon, camry, control la, sienna, tacoma and tundra. now toyota says it does not know how long it will take to make those repairs. we are just three days away from the super bowl, between the sea hawks and the denver broncos. this year super bowl presents the past and the future of the quarterback. 37 years old, seeking his second victory in three attempts verses seattle russell wilson who add 25 will be playing in his first in just his second year in the league. the site of sunday's super bowl xxviii, and it is quite a dichotomy between these two? >> it is. as you say, and we getting quite a show, i don't know if you can
8:43 pm
hear nit the background, we have been privy to a nice firework show, you can probably see the lights over the top of it. sounds like bruno mars is practicing his half time show, so we are enjoying that, but of course duty calls and we have to talk about this game coming up. the two super bowl combatants got their last media out of the way, and that means full speed ahead now in preparations for sunday's battle for the lombardi trophy. both teams they got in practice time on thursday, practicing in different ways as they have been this week. the broncos they have already used up their one nfl allotted practice, for the week which means they will be going padless. they have been getting plenty of work out doors to get used to the fridged weather conditions that people expect to see on sunday's game. and of course, when you take a look at payton manning he has been keying things lose all week, and that was the same today.
8:44 pm
i feel like i could describe the perfect quarterback, take a piece of everything, take john elway's arm, dan marino's release, maybe troy acheman's drop back. brett farves scrambling ability, joe montana's two minute poise. naturally my speed in there. >> tongue firmly planted in cheek. they have been working out at the justice building 35 miles away, the sea hawks have been working out at the giants facility. the seahawks have chosen to practice exclusively indoors. quarterback russell wilson says that's not the only way his preparation will differ. >> i still want to be me, i still want to just prepare the right way, do all the things i know i need to do, he may
8:45 pm
prepare differently, i don't know how he prepares necessarily. that calms my nerves and come game time where is ready and excited and i am seeing things. i am big into visualization. that's another part of my game one interesting dynamic, that could be an issue after the game, is if these seahawks lose and lose in sloppy fashion, you know, through 18 games this year, they have 24 more turnovers collected than they have given up, and of course if they turn the ball over a lot, on sunday super bowl, then that means hey, there's sure to be asked a lot of questions about his decision to practice indoors all week. only one back unline-up for the broncos did not practice. al jazeera. >> all right, john, thank you so much.
8:46 pm
of course the game coming up on sunday, and the weather will be a factor as we have our first super bowl in a cold weather environment. you can see how the teams are taking different tactics. >> and they have the fireworks going too. >> can't have the super bowl without fire, whos. >> absolutely. >> phony nfl merchandise worth more than went million dollars have been confiscated. they have arrested 50 people involved in counter fitting after a nationwide law enforcement effort knock offs include jerseys, t shirts, and other souvenirs. from both the denver broncos and the seattle sea hawks. coming up next, a scientific discovery that could make you feel not quite as old.
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good evening, everyone. atlanta, things are getting better but her not out of the woods quite yet. the storm system, really just rain across florida what is happening up here to the north. this mourning we saw 13 degrees so any freezing ice -- any melting we saw began to refreeze again, today, temperatures came above freezing so it was fairly good. but the areas in the suburbs where they didn't get as much sun, things are still a major problem there. the temperature change has come up, you can see
8:49 pm
from 24 hours ago until now, they are 11 degrees warmer than they were. birmingham is 13 degrees warmer. so the vend is good, we are going to get some more freezing happening on friday morning but a nice warm up as we go towards the afternoon, 52-degrees and then by saturday, if things aren't completely unfrozen, well then the rain will take care of that, through the rest of the week, sunday, not a bad day at all. that's a look at your weather, your news is coming up right after this.
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a fascinating discovery in a harvard science lab, doctors there have isolate add protein that could be the closest thing to that illusive point of youth, the problem the protein is called jdf -- i'm sorry, one more time, the protein is called gdf 11, and it's been tested in mice. the substance appeared to turn old mice's hearts young again.
8:51 pm
>> you get these heart failure episodes what is it like. >> it feels like you can't breathe. >> dr. richard lee is ant net owens cardiologies, and has been treating her for a common heart problem. >> she has a heart that squeezing normally, but it doesn't fill. >> both harvard lee and his professor colleague, join forces to tackle this problem. >> so you found basically that when you joined an old and a young mouse together, the sizes and the structure of the hearts changed how dramatic was this change? >> it was amazing enough that even i could see it looking at the heart as a whole, and even more amazing when you started digging more deeply into the larrys of how the individual cells changes how the genes that the cells expressed change as a result of this exposure to youngblood in the old animal. >> that something was growth differentiation
8:52 pm
factor 11, gdf 11 a protein circulating in blood that makes an old mouse heart young again, in four weeks. now mice don't get heart disease, but they may give us clues of how to fight it, here at harvard, they are trying to follow those clues trying to find to solve a cardiac crisis. >> we dropped a high president thinks that there was something in the blood, because the blood had access and may be able to communicate these aging signals. >> and. >> juneing us now, from the techno team, and we are pleased to have him in our studios tonight, not on satellite. >> yeah, good to see you too. >> i fouled it up on the way in, but gdf 11. >> so it is one of the thousands of proteins that you can find floating around in the blood of a young mouse.
8:53 pm
this sounds like science fiction, but it also sounds like if it works in humans kid be tremendous for medical -- a tremendous medical break through. >> it could be, and people keep talking about it as being the potential point of youth. >> right. >> tough the way i see it, to me the point of youth is something that is more of a soup. a bunch of different id greed cents and it would certainly be a good ingredient. >> i asked the question when i was upstairs before we did this, how do i get it? >> you know, just young mouse blood. >> you can't -- it is a difficult thing to ice lite i assume? >> yeah. it took them four years to ice lite what protein it was. so now that they have isolated it, it is an exciting time for them. >> so you do this program, you and your colleagues to this program every week, so tell us a little bit about what is coming up? >> so this week, we also have a story on montana.
8:54 pm
one of my favorite states beautiful state, be uh the trout industry is in trouble, and the reason is global warming. and what we found is that when the economy is being negatively effected the people and the communities get together for some change. which would be nice to see on a global scale. >> you have fun doing these don't you? >> a blast. >> the last time we had you on we were doing spiders that's right. >> so next time you will be doing -- do you know yet? >> i don't know yet, more spiders and frozen zoo in san diego. there are a lot of cool stories that come out of this program, great to see you here in person. for more, be sure to watch techno. 4:30 pacific. retired formula 1 racing champion michael schumacher's manager says doctors at a french hospital are waking him up from a medically induced coma.
8:55 pm
the 45-year-old has been on a coma since last month. he suffered serious head injuries when he fell and hit his head. he was recently upgraded from critical to stable condition. doctors credit the helmet schumacher was wearing for saving his life. coming up tonight, at 11 eastern time, in our newscast. beating obesity, in america inspired by his own weight loss, the plan from oklahoma city's mayor to help his town and the neigh lose weight. feathersfling feathers the proposal to kill thousands of swans in a popular new york park. and why the state's environmental department supports the idea, those stories and much more coming up 11 eastern 8:00 pacific time. each day we like you to bring you a picture that catches our eye. and tonight it is a photo from nasa's solar dynamic observatory. take a look at this,
8:56 pm
every now and then the observatory lines just right so that the moon can appears to move in front of the sun, creating a lunar transited or what we would normally call a solar eclint. eclipse. that's the moon seen in silhouette against the fiery sun. quite a picture. headlines coming up next. am al jazeera investigative unit has tonight's exclusive reports.
8:57 pm
while you were asleep news was happening.
8:58 pm
news welcome to al jazeera america. here are don't's top stories. the path to legal of ukraine has taken a six leave. his office announced his leaf before he had a chance to sign a bill into law.
8:59 pm
that rolls back anti-restriction can u.s. is accusing syria of dragging it's feet on removing chemical weapons. less than 5% of the stock pile has been turned over. u.s. officials say it is still possible for syria to meet it's obligations but adds the threat of military force is still on the table. an italian court has again found aman do knox guilty of murder. back in 2009, but the charges were overturned two years later. knox's attorney say they plan to appeal, she did not attend that trial. authorities say a fire was started by an electrical baseball heater. only the father and an 11-year-old daughter survived. a new york city court case has been settled over whether the controversial policy of stop and frisk is
9:00 pm
unconstitutional. mayor bill announced today that a deal was struck to end the city's appeal. including the toyota camry and toyota, keep it here. on america tonight, same-sex marriage and the catholic school, a beloved educator forced too choose, between his partner and his profession. >> did she ask you if you would annul your marriage? >> he speaks to our own sheila mcvicker in his first national television interview. also amanda knox found guilty of murder again. an italian jail cell awaits but will she get extradited? >> there is no way she is going back over there. >> and star power,


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